MT-VIKI MT-ED06 - 100M HDMI EXTENDER OVER SINGLE UTP CABLEThis HDMI extender can transmit HDMI 1080p signal up to above 100m by cat5e/ cat6 x1. It not only..


16 Port HDMI Splitter 4k*2K MT-VIKI MT-SP1016The SP1016 HDMI Splitter is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to send one source of digital high defi nitio..


Auto 16 Port USB KVM Switch MT-VIKI MT-1601UK-CHThe MT-1601UK-CH is a 16-port USB Cable KVM Switch that provides a simple and quick method of selecting computer..


MT-VIKI MT-2102HL -  2 PORT AUTO HDMI KVM SWITCH (WITH CABLE)Количество портов HDMI - 2Количество портов USB 2.0 - 2Максимальное разрешение - 1920x120..


2 PORT DVI SPLITTER MT-VIKI MT-DV2HОсобенности:распределяет компьютер DVI Графический сигнал до 2 дисплеев одновременно.точное и надежное воспроизведение цифров..


 MT-VIKI MT-201KL - 2 Port VGA Auto USB KVM SwitcherThe 2 port USB KVM switch can control 2 computer by a set of keyboard, mouse and monitor. You can ..


MT-VIKI MT-15-2C - 2 Port VGA SwitchThe MT-15-2CH is a video switch with 2 ports. It allows 2 independent computers to display their video outputs on a single m..


3 Port HDMI Switch with IR MT-VIKI SW301SThe MINI plastic-housing 3-Port HDMI Switch allows you to quickly and easily connect 3 HDMI input sources to your HDMI ..


4 PORT AUTO HDMI KVM SWITCH MT-VIKI MT-2104HL (WITH CABLE)4-port USB HDMI KVM switch allows you to control 4 computers using one USB mouse, keyboard and HD..


4 PORT DVI SPLITTER MT-VIKI MT-DV4HОсобенности:распределяет компьютер DVI Графический сигнал до 4 дисплеев одновременно.точное и надежное воспроизведение цифров..


1 to 4 Composite Video Audio 3RCA AV Powered Amplifier Splitter Box 1 In 4 Out 1x4Features:1 AV input , 4 AV output simultaneouslyWith premium component and adv..


MT-VIKI MT-471UK-L - 4 PORT AUTO VGA KVM SWITCH (WITH CABLE,PS2 or USB KEYBOARD,USB MOUSE)4-Port USB KVM Switch with 4pcs of cables, auto switch, mini design wi..


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